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Available as UE4 Project asset pack, Unity 3D asset, or raw WAV format:

AAA-rated blockbuster film sound effects created using the latest FM synthesis and sound warping technologies.

Over 220+ sounds from terrorizing roars, shocking screeches, incomprehensible talking, warnings, injuries and more to bring your creatures to life.

Futuristic laser weapons, zaps, pulses, shots, recharges, impacts, reloads and more for first-person shooter action, space battles and more.

We have also included some user interface sounds – button clicks, industrial welds, menu select / deselect, confirmations and cancels etc.

Technical Details


  •  225 sounds produced by an award-winning composer and sound designer.
  • Sounds trimmed and consolidated to minimize memory usage. Retaining maximum sonic quality with maximum. compression, for smooth and responsive gameplay.
  • AAA game / Blockbuster film quality mixing and mastering.
  • Multiple Options of each sound to give maximum expression and variation possibility.

Number of Audio Waves: 225

Number of Audio Cues: 225

Sample rate / bit rate: 16 bit 44,100 Hz

Do Sound FX loop: No

Supported Development Platforms: All


Available pre configured as an Unreal Engine asset pack (with all loops & cues set up), Unity 3d Asset, or in raw WAV format – choose at check out.

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