Royalty Free asset packs exclusively for interactive media

Designed for games and app developers

Authentic Future Beats, Neo Chillout, Lofi Hip Hop, Electronica, Golden era Hip Hop, Funk and Soul, Bass Music and more.

This pack includes a wide array of genres suited to many types of games and apps.

Available as UE4 Project asset pack, Unity 3D asset, or raw WAV format:

MNUMNTL – Lowrider Essentials, is the introductory version of our first release ‘Lowrider Anthems’

The total of 20 original tracks are all seemlessly loopable, with a play time of almost 1 hour unlooped.

This pack is produced by Rob Blake, an award winning composer working in Trailers, Games, Film and TV.

In this pack we offer the main tracks from Lowrider Anthems with their corresponding soundbed. Royalty free use for all interactive media (Games and Apps). Use the album in full as an original soundtrack to your game, and as a simple adaptive audio solution with the included soundbeds for open worlds and dynamic variation within game play.

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