Royalty Free asset packs exclusively for interactive media

Designed for games and app developers

Our first full adaptive album, built with developers in mind


Inspired by golden era hip hop, funk and soul, blended with modern trailers and cinematic soundscapes.


Available as UE4 Project asset pack, Unity 3D asset, or raw WAV format:

MNUMNTL – Lowrider Anthems Vol1

  • AAA rated music created for game and app developers.
  • 10 original cutting edge tracks, composed by Rob Blake – an award winning composer working with worldwide developers, brands and artists.
  • Each track broken into 15 elements, varying intensity, dynamics, timing, emotion and feel.
  • 22 Full Length 1-4 minute tracks including main mix, soundbeds, atmospherics and alternate remixes.
  • Over 150 audio files, and 375 music cues for Unreal Engine.
  • 100+ seamless loops; full tracks, individual dynamic loops, ambience, atmospheres and drones.
  • 50+ musical stingers; transition effects, endings, intros, breakdowns, SFX, risers and buildups.
  • Tempo synced seamless loops.
  • Every audio file in key and beat mapped with its parent master track.
  • All meta data included – see documentation.
  • Mixed and Mastered to commercial broadcast quality.
  • Lifetime support and updates

Lowrider Anthems VOL1 contains instrumental music inspired by Dr Dre, Gramatik, RJD2, Emancipator, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Just Blaze, DJ Premier, DJ Shadow, Curtis Mayfield, Golden era Hip Hop, Funk, and Soul, blended with modern electronic bass music, chillout, lo-fi and epic trailers.

Create your own dynamic soundtrack that reacts to interaction.

Available pre configured as an Unreal Engine asset pack (with all loops & cues set up), Unity 3d Asset, or in raw WAV format – choose at check out.