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Over 150 Music Loops inspired by golden era Hip Hop, Soul, and Funk, mixed with cinematic trailer tracks and cutting edge electronica:

50+ Stingers and SFX that are tempo locked and in key with each parent track. All meta data included – easily stitch together your own adaptive soundtracks any way you want

Multiple introduction sections for each track. Trigger an alternate beginning depending on the player interaction, or for different scenes within a level: Start the music the way you want.

Various breakdown sections included for each track. Create subtle atmospheric sections for a breather between intense gameplay, switch for a change in mood or step down in energy, use as a loop for menu background music, and much more.

Need the music to stop when the game is over? Different length endings included for each track that can be spliced in at any point. Need the music to end with differnet emotion or energy? Choose how you want the music to end with multiple options per track.

A huge range of atmospheric drones and ambient loops are included in this pack. Use to soundtrack open world exploration, dark and moody vibes, light and peaceful tones, interludes in action, or breathing soundscapes between game play.

10 full length tracks each with full length main mix and stripped down version, for a total of 22 full length tracks that can be used without any need for looping or integration with an audio engine. If adaptive audio is not required, then simply drop in one of these full length tracks and you have your soundtrack sorted! They also can all be looped if you want a continious soundtrack.

  • Over 150 Music Loops, and 375 Music Cues.
  • 10 original cutting edge tracks, with each track broken into 15 elements, varying its intensity, dynamics, timing, emotion and feel in every way.
  • 22 Full Length 1-4 minute tracks including a main mix, plus soundbeds, atmospherics and alternate remixes.
  • 100+ seamless loops; full tracks, individual dynamic loops, ambience, atmospheres and drones.
  • 50+ musical stingers; transition effects, endings, intros, breakdowns, SFX, risers and buildups.
  • Everytyhing you need to construct your own adaptive soundtrack using the many individual elements provided.
  • Tempo synced seamless loops.
  • Every audio file in key and beat mapped with its parent master track.
  • All meta data included – see documentation.
  • Mixed and Mastered to commercial broadcast quality.
  • Lifetime support and updates

*All other uses (TV, Cinema, Radio, broadcast media, paid advertising campaigns etc) are excluded. Please enquire to obtain license for any use outside of interactive media. Full terms available here

My new secret weapon. So glad I discovered this pack. TBH music has been a weak part of my apps but now with this album thats no longer a problem. Crazy high quality stuff

Alex PApp developer - UK

Impressive Quality. Have been using low cost sites for backing tracks for architectural visualisations for a while but this stuff is another level. Really good quality and nicely cut.


I initially got this album because I liked the Grand Theft Auto theme, but acutally theres so much depth of content here that I'll also be able to use it for my corporate clients as well. Can't wait to hear what comes out next

Sarah JenkinsDeveloper - US

Massive range of impressive music in this pack. Its really going to make my apps stand out from the rest, so much better than the other shi*y library tracks I've had to use in the past. Thanks!

Tommy PeachApp Developer

This pack is incredible. The quality is way above anything else I've found in the asset stores, and I'm so hyped to be able to use this music in my apps and games royalty free. Its going to get use from me for years to come. Awesome, now release some more please

John WGame Developer
Who are you?
I'm Rob Blake. I've been producing music for over 20 years. In that time ive scored soundtracks to worldwide campaigns for Red Bull (Air Race), Sony Playstation (Gran Turismo), Arcadia, BMW, Puma, collaborated with international Major label artists, had #1 chart successes, and remixed artists such as Linkin Park, Skunk Anansie and Hyper


Playstation, Red Bull, Arcadia Spectacular, Puma, BMW, Citroen, Hyundai, Linkin Park, Skunk Anansie, Ellie Goulding, Hyper, J&B Whisky, Arsenal, Canon, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Universal Records, Sony Music, EMI, One Little Indian, Warner Brothers Records…

MNUMNTL (Pronounced Monumental) is a new adaptive music catalog I am creating exclusively for games and app developers. Why? Developing games and apps is a challenge. Quality music licensing is expensive, and many new upcoming developers can’t afford to license tracks from major labels. I want to take away that barrier, and make a platform that works with upcoming developers, helping them create awesome content that will lead to greater success for everyone involved.
I love collaborating with creative people and pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible, and the gaming world is leading the way right now. I’ll be releasing many more albums covering a full range of music genres thoughout 2021 and into the future, with a focus on adaptive music and creating immersive experiences. We are currently developing an intelligent audio engine that will integrate with our catalog, that will act as a plugin for UE and Unity.  I’m always interested in working with new developers, so get in touch if you want to have a chat about your project

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