We Make Music

Every Day.


Our Passion

Music should take you on a journey. We love innovative projects, boundary pushing ideas and concepts that challenge us to become better and what we do. We strive to continually up the bar sonically and technologicaly, to go beyond anything we have previously done, and to make music that is visceral and inspirational above all else.

We’re Quite Multi-Disciplined

How We Can Help You


Bespoke music created to brief, scored to picture, made to order; our custom made soundtracks can be tailored to any requirements


Bleeding edge production techniques, with an eagle eye on the latest sounds and underground movements. Modern culture moves fast. We stay ahead of the curve



Our catalog is fully adaptive. Every track has between 20 – 50 different elements that can be combined in infinite ways to create dynamic soundtracks that become fully reactive to interaction… in realtime

Mixing and mastering

In house mixing and mastering services deliver gold standard audio in full compliance with worldwide broadcast regulations. We can provide multi format and multi purpose audio assets to cover all bases. Digital releases, social media posts, youtube and online videos, TV broadcasts, cinema and radio all have different specifications. Our masters sound as clear, loud and dynamic as the competition



One Stop

Master and publishing rights owned 100% by MNUMNTL = One stop solution. No complications. Licence our music directly from us, with no 3rd party approvals required. No hassle. Nice


Asset Packs
For Developers

Our royalty free asset packs are built with developers in mind. Available from Unreal Engine Marketplace and Unity 3D Asset store, they offer an introduction to our catalog at an affordable rate.

These asset packs (such as Low Rider Anthems – out now) can be used in an unlimited number of game developments. For full details, check out our FAQ and documentation pages.


MNUMNTL (pronounced Monumental) is a music catalog created specifically for developers. We make expansive audio asset packs that are designed to be intuitive and adaptive, offering a huge range of dynamic variation, produced with the latest cutting edge techniques, utilising a team that is actively composing for worldwide brands and major label artists.

We own both master and publishing rights to our catalog. This means we can offer incredibly flexible and competitive licences on our music that work within your budget.

Creating apps and games is an expensive,  time consuming and labour intensive process. Our standard licence allows for you the developer to use our music royalty free in your app or game until a threshold of sales units have been purchased, installed or downloaded. At that point, you can either pay us a percentage of revenue (typically 5% gross sales) or purchase a license upgrade (multiple options available). See our Developer License agreement for full details.

The catalog is DRM free, so there will be no copyright claims or take down orders on your live youtube videos or twitch streams. If the music is being played in the background of your game (as part of the game code) while the video is being broadcast – no problem. All we ask is that credit is given where ever possible – ‘music by MNUMNTL‘. In the instance of content being broadcast outside of the gameplay or app itself, then a seperate license will be required. See our FAQ’s and Terms & Conditions for full details.

Inspirational Music.

Take Your Project To The Next Level With MNUMNTL